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Official Statement Regarding to APESTOMEN vs Aurane

by Rita Lim 12 Jul 2017
We are deeply shocked by the turbulence happened to APESTOMEN in Vietnam starting from yesterday. Vietnam is an important market for APESTOMEN. We always feel it's such a great community for men's grooming and our customers are very vocal about the attitude towards our products, no matter good or bad. Therefore, I want to thank for the customers brought this issue to us. We want to let all our customers know that we are taking this very seriously. We want to address the accusations that APESTOMEN is so similar to Aurane while selling higher than Aurane and even have people think APESTOMEN is the rebranded product of Aurane. 

First of all, APESTOMEN is a Singapore registered brand with international trademark intellectual property right. We do not know about or even heard about Aurane brand before this incident. So we strongly condemn the accusations of saying APESTOMEN is the rebranded product of Aurane. The accusation is an insult to our proprietary right and hurts our company reputation. The two companies have no relation at any level. We attach below our trademark document registered in Singapore to prove we are definitely not China Company. Our distributor can also prove themselves by posting shipping documents from Singapore to Vietnam if they feel it's necessary. 
Secondly, The comment about APESTOMEN is similar to Aurane. From the photos uploaded on Facebook, we can tell the color and the texture look similar. The performance, on the other hand, is unknown. We don't have Aurane in Singapore, we cannot test it out ourselves. We are welcome customers who have tried Aurane can share some insight on it. The APESTOMEN formula is what we chose and tested carefully before we put out in the market. As all we know, APESTOMEN is well received by Vietnam market. We received emails every day from Vietnam and other countries expressing that APESTOMEN is good and works so well with their hair. Here is an email from one of our German customers.
We believe customers can judge the performance of products even better than us. As to the pricing, we don't know about Aurane manufacturer. We can't know how they set their pricing and they are not obliged to answer to us either. However we can answer to our customers how we set our pricing. The pricing is set based on our product cost, logistics cost and our distributors and resellers' operation cost. In fact, the raw materials of our products are imported from Holland, Europe. Some customers argued that why would I pay more for APESTOMEN while I can find something else similar in the market. One fact we just found out is that Aurane has been in Vietnam market for longer time than APESTOMEN. If the product indeed performs as well as APESTOMEN like some comments stated, why hasn't it drawn the popularity as APESTOMEN does now. Vietnam market is very sophisticated in men's grooming segment and we believe customers know better. We can't emphasize enough that APESTOMEN and Aurane are not the same company. We are not even aware of the existence of the Aurane before yesterday. 

However, APESTOMEN is always striving to bring unique and good products to the markets we are serving. Therefore, we have decided to replace the current products with new lines since it has drawn so many controversies. As a brand owner, we are also not comfortable by the close similarity of the colors and textures of the two different brands. We will host a launch party once the new products are ready and we are welcome customers to attend the party and join the new journey with us. The detail time and location and how to register for attendance will be announced soon in our facebook page.

As to current products, we guarantee 100% that they have passed all the necessary product tests and are not low quality products. If our customers still feel not justified to buy APESTOMEN anymore and can find substitute somewhere else, we can't say anything to change that. It's a free market. But for those customers still express confidence in us during the turbulence, we feel very blessed and grateful. Deep gratitude to that. 
Best Regards,
Founder of APESTOMEN 

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