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Apestomen - Differences Between Nitro Wax, Volcanic Clay, and Cola Pomade

by Operations Team 17 Oct 2023

We understand that navigating hairstyling products can be overwhelming, especially if you're new to it. You might have questions like:

"What are the differences between Nitro Wax, Volcanic Clay, Cola Pomade, Volcanic Ash Styling Powder, and Sea Salt Spray?"

"Which hairstyling product is best for my hair type?"

"Which products can help me achieve my desired look?"

Don't worry; we've got you covered. In this article, we'll start with the basics: wax, clay, and pomade. Understanding these differences will help you choose the right product for your hair and achieve your desired style.

Hair Wax

Hair wax is a versatile hair styling product that offers a medium to strong hold, making it suitable for various hair lengths and textures. It typically comes in a water-based formula, which makes it easy to apply and wash out. With hair wax, you can achieve a natural finish that provides a matte look, perfect for creating textured hairstyles without the shine.

Hair wax is an ideal choice for those with discerning tastes, as it offers a versatile hold ranging from medium to strong. Its grip is comparable to pomade, yet with a touch of added flexibility. Overall, it's a versatile product that can address most of your hair styling needs.

Apestomen Nitro Wax

The Apestomen Nitro Wax is a high performing hair wax with a matte finish and strong hold. Developed with superior functionality in mind, Nitro Wax is by far one of the most versatile and easy-to-apply matte hair products available with superb hold power and volume for natural looking styles. With a texture so pliable, the product enables creative styling for spectacular hairstyles that lasts all day.

Hair Clay

Hair clay is a moldable product that enhances hair volume, making it ideal for shorter, layered styles in need of structure and fullness. It strikes a balance between gel and paste, offering a strong hold akin to gel but without the glossy finish associated with paste.

Available in various consistencies depending on the brand, all hair clays share a common objective: providing a strong hold that enables you to create unique hairstyles. This formula's ability to add bulk and volume to your hair gives it a fuller, more substantial appearance.

Apestomen Volcanic Clay

The Apestomen Volcanic Clay might be that perfect hair clay that gives you that extreme hold and high-volume effect, with matte finish. It adds fullness, thickness, and structure to otherwise messy and lifeless hair. This moldable product allows you to effortlessly shape your hair into any style, giving free rein to your creativity.

Hair Pomade

Available in both water-based and oil-based formulations, pomades provide a strong hold with a distinctive shine. Oil-based pomades offer a polished finish and a higher hold, while water-based pomades are easier to wash out.

Pomade has a waxy, slippery texture that allows for a flexible hold, creating a more natural texture that moves with the wind. Unlike stiff hair gels, pomade leaves your hair touchable and manageable.

Apestomen Cola Pomade

Beware of the name - the Cola Pomade is not meant to be consumed! This exceptional water-based pomade offers an incredibly strong hold, ensuring your desired hairstyle stays intact all day long. Crafted from a fusion of premium ingredients and delightful fragrances, its texture effortlessly spreads evenly throughout your hair, delivering a timeless high shine for a truly polished look.

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